How many people do you intend using the hot tub?

Conquest by Saratoga have various models of hot tubs to suit you and your families requirements. We have hot tubs offering two loungers for couples as well as hot tubs to cater for bigger families or for social events with up to 8 seats.  

If you would like brochures then please complete the enquiry form on our website or contact us by phone during working hours. 

Where would you like the hot tub to sit?

Practical factors to consider when deciding on the position of your spa is ensuring that your hot tub fits in the designated space.  Think about maintainance access around the sides, walkways and room for the cover to be removed when you are using the hot tub.  A hot tub full of water is a heavy piece of equipment.  It is essential that the base it is sited on is firm, level and will not settle or shift.  Therefore, surfaces which are not suitable include sand, loose gravel and grass.  As a rule of thumb, work on a floor loading of 500kg/m2. The most popular base for a spa is a reinforced 4" concrete pad. 

The spa can be placed on decking, as long as the decking is designed and built to withstand the weight, but bear in mind that wood is a naturally resonant substance and it can transmit and amplify the sounds and vibrations generated by your hot tub.  Furthermore, wood absorbing moisture will over time suffer from rotting which would lead to the weakening its strength to hold heavy items. 

You are your own best designer when it comes to deciding the hot tubs location.  We at Shropshire Pools and Spas offer guidance and advice alongside a site visit so that you can get the best out of your hot tub.

Have you considered whether you would like a hot tub that would need electrical work to be carried out on your property?

All hot tub installations are subject to the 18th Edition IEE Regulations which state that a hot tub must be installed on its own, seperate and suitably rated 240V single phase fused spur back to the consumer unit and protected by its own seperate RCD.  The installation must be signed off and certified by a qualified electrician in accordance with Part P of building regulations.
The cost of the work will be entirely dependent on the scope needed and, most significantly, the length of the cable run, which is usually in steel wire armoured between your consumer unit and where the spa is to be sited.  So, the nearer this is to your consumer unit, the lower your electrical installation costs will be.

Conquest Spas by Saratoga  offer various models to suit you in a 13 amp option.  This would mean that the hot tub would require an external RCD as opposed to any further electrical work to be carried out. 

How is my hot tub delivered?

Your new spa will arrive usually on a specially equipped truck or a trailer called a spa dolly or sled.  From kerbside, the spa is transferred on its side on to a trolley which can be steered at both ends and then wheeled from the road or drive out front, round the back of the house and to its final resting place.  The team at Shropshire Pools and Spas will advise you and often complete a site survey to foresee any issues regarding delivery so that there are no surprises on the day.

Think about if there are any overhanging boughs, eaves, gutters, lamps, cables, electrical boxes, boiler flues etc below the height of the spa on the trolley which could impede its passage.  If there are, is it possbile that these can be moved temporarily beforehand? 
Are all passages, doors, gates or pathways etc along the route sufficiently wide enough to allow the sa and trolley to negotiate their way through easily?  If not, can they be removed temporarily beforehand?
Are there any tight turns involved?  As you can probably imagine, a spa and delivery trolley are not very bendy items, so going round tight corners is something to consider further.  What about the surface the trolley wheels have to run on? Soft, loose or overgrown surfaces, i.e. sand, gravel, lawns after recent rain, cultivated soil, areas of deep vegetation etc. are not good for wheeling a spa over and will result in the trolley grounding itself, and you may need to consider laying down boarding over such surfaces: whereas concrete, paving, tarmac, firm dry lawn and any other good, sound surface are ideal. 

What about low walls, hedges, flower beds, flights of steps, ponds and other obstacles?  Will you need to call upon the service of a number of burly volunteers, or will special lifting gear to lift the spa over low obstacles need to be hired in?

On rare occasions, sometimes the only way to get the spa into position is to use a Hi- Ab (a small crane built onto the back of a flatbed lorry) which is great for low to medium height walls, hedges and permenant fences.

Would you like a friendly, experienced family business to be on hand in your area for all you require for your hot tub?

Shropshire Pools and Spas is based at Percy Throwers garden Centre in Shrewsbury Shropshire and with over 26 years of experience in the hot tub and pools trade,  we can provide aftercare for you and your hot tub for your peace of mind.  We offer regular servicing and maintenance of your hot tub as well as being on hand for advice for anything you are not sure of.  When things go wrong, we endeavour to help in the best way we can. 

How much does it cost to run a hot tub?

Running and maintaining your hot tub is not as expensive as you would think.  Bearing in mind several factors, including optimal temperature (38 degrees), quality insulation and a cover to keep the heat in, as well as good water care the costs can be as low as 80 pence per day.

Do you require a hot tub for a holiday let, Bed and Breakfast or Holiday Park?

Conquest and Tuff spas offer a variety of models to suit these types of business and are also compliant with the latest HSG282 requirements.  Please contact us for further information advice and guidance.

What chemicals do I need for my hot tub?

The standard water sanitizer used is Chlorine.  This keeps water clean, clear and safe for soaking in.  Alternatively, Bromine can be used especially for those with sensitive skin or skin conditions. 
Other chemicals such as Ph adjusters, TA adjusters and cleaning products are used to maintain a good water balance which in turn will keep your spa safe to bathe in as well as looking after its equipment. We stock a wide range of chemicals required for good water balance.  For more information please contact the office for further guidance. 

What maintenance is required for my hot tub?

Below is a chart to give you guidance on how to look after your hot tub. Maintenance of your hot tub is straight forward if you know what to do and when:

Daily Weekly/fortnightly Monthly/bi-monthly Yearly
Chlorine: 3.0 – 5.0mg/l
Bromine: 3.0 – 5.0mg/l
Ph: 7.2 – 7.6
Total Alkalinity: 80 – 150 mg/l
Add Clarifier “Spa Fusion”
Eliminates water contaminants and restores water clarity without shock chlorination
Shock dose hot tub
Non chlorine shock: 5g per 500L
Chlorine granules: 20g of granules for 2 hours with pump on
Use “Hot tub Flush” to run through your spa to remove build up of soap and oil deposits in plumbing
Sanitize and balance water when required Wash filter
Remove and hose down using “Filter cleaner spray” before using filter brush to eliminate any dirt or grit
Wash and clean filter: Use “cartridge cleaner” to soak filter overnight, hose off and leave to dry before replacing in hot tub Replace filter with new one
Don’t wash swimwear.
Have a shower prior to soaking
Wipe down water line and shell sides Drain Hot tub
Refill after heavy usage
Service and maintenance (Please ask about our servicing packages.)