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Due to the current Covid - 19 situation there have been changes to the range of Conquest spas available.  As a result of  Covid-19 restrictions impacting on manufacturing, supply and transportation we cannot guarantee process of orders, manufacturing or delivery of hot tubs.  Please contact the office and discuss what is currently available or feel free to come and visit the showroom at Percy Throwers Garden Centre.

Shropshire Pools and Spas are proud suppliers of Conquest Spas from the renowned manufacturers Saratoga Spas (Est 1984) who are based in New York State, USA. There is sure to be a spa that fits your budget and requirements from the Challenger, Contender and Victory range By Conquest Spas. Our genuine American products are handcrafted in the factory using products meticulously sourced from within the USA only.
Please get in touch with us using the enquiry form or by telephone if you are looking for a spa for your holiday let. Conquest Spas offer HSG282 Compliant and Holiday Park specific spas perfect to compliment your business.